Idaho Classic Llamas

Idaho Classic Llamas

Idaho Classic Llamas (formerly EeDaHow Classic Llamas) has been raising these wonderful creatures since 1989. We are located above Kamiah, in beautiful North-Central Idaho. Fishing is popular with the group of young llamasSelway, Salmon, Snake, Palouse, Lochsa, Clearwater rivers, along with Dworshak Reservoir nearby. Wilderness and National Forests are also near, along with the historic Lewis-Clark Trail.

We use the Mallon Method of gentling at birth, and to teach haltering and leading. This helps build trust between humans and the llamas. We have seen a remarkable difference in our llamas since we began using this approach. They learn from day one that life includes touching, halters, picking up feet, etc... and that they  will live through it.

Drifter - RIPThe Cria

Our males are usually spoken for before birth as older brothers have proven to be great packers. At this time we have two customers who pack with only females and they do just as well as their brothers, if not better! :)

2016 male llama

It's A Boy!

Early on Sept. 25th, 2016 this little guy made his appearance. This is the fmale criairst Cria from Glory. When being handled for the first time he remained calm and mellow... until I dared touch his feet. But even that didn't bother him for long. It is so great to have a baby around again!

Linda and Myron Permann
Kamiah, Idaho
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